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5 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks for Your Flooring Company's Website

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Years ago in the world of marketing, companies got flooring leads by letting their fingers do the walking. They took out a large, colorful ad to attract the attention of potential customers. Eventually, the Yellow Pages succumbed to the digital marketing boom. Online marketing for flooring contractors became the new way to grow a flooring business.

As recently as 2017, 97 percent of consumers went online to find local businesses. To grow your business online, you first need a flooring company website. You want your website not only to attract potential leads but also to convert them into customers of your flooring business that recommends your services to other potential customers.

The goal is to increase the conversion rate for your flooring company website – generating as many customers as possible from all of the inbound traffic it attracts.

Why Do You Need a Flooring Company Website?

Most of your customers are tech-savvy and because of that, you want to build a website that delivers your marketing message effectively around the clock. Your website can inform and educate consumers, and converting them into warm leads, even when your business is closed.

Let’s briefly look at a few of the reasons why a website is such a valuable marketing tool for a flooring business.

Builds Credibility

In the digital era when more than 50 percent of smartphone users find a new product or service while searching online, creating a website is a powerful way to enhance your flooring company’s credibility.

According to another study, 75 percent of consumers online perceive a company’s credibility based on the design of its website. Trust is the key to building credibility, and trust starts with a professional-looking website.

Social Media Connection

Social media plays a huge role in persuading consumers to make decisions. What consumers see about your website on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram goes a long way towards determining whether your website attracts prospective customers.

Many consumers will first seek out a business on social media and then visit its website. In these situations, your social media profiles act as a bridge and gateway to your website.

Interact with Potential Customers

Building an interactive website for your flooring company can help you answer consumer questions in advance and respond to the concerns of prospective customers. When potential customers feel comfortable doing business with you, they are more likely to make a buying decision.

Control the narrative and you can attract more flooring contractor leads and quote request inquiries.

Online Marketing for Flooring Contractors

Before you can convert potential leads into customers of your flooring contractor business, you first have to motivate them to visit your website. Your flooring business website must act as a magnet to generate leads.

Without customer leads, you cannot move on to the next step of converting those leads into customers. Here are some of the most effective ways to attract high-quality traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of getting your flooring company ranked high in Google’s search results. If your competitors outrank you on Google for keywords such as “flooring contractors near me” and “installing hardwood floors,” then you will need to initiate a competitive SEO strategy.

Customers need to first find your business before they decide if they are going to hire your flooring company.

Professional Design

Once you attract a potential customer to your website, you want the visitor to hang around for a few minutes to check out what your company has to offer. A professionally designed website produces the visual appeal you need to have, keeping visitors clicking through your pages.

Publish Helpful Content

Now that you have grabbed the attention of prospective customers, now is the time to instill consumer confidence by sharing your expertise. Publish blog posts that help visitors solve problems. You can also create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to provide your website visitors with the answers to common questions. Some examples include:

  • Can I install a new floor over an existing floor?
  • Can I install a hardwood floor in the basement?
  • What is the best floor for an active household?

Conversion Rate Tips for Your Flooring Company’s Website

Once your traffic is attracting a high number of qualified leads the next step is to motivate each prospect to make a buying decision.

In other words, you want those prospects to convert to customers – by either picking up the phone and contacting your business directly or submitting a request for more information. Let’s dive into some CRO tips for your flooring website.

1. Optimize the Speed of Your Website

Nothing turns a potential customer off faster than a website that takes forever to load. Forever can be as few as two seconds. Your website visitors want to see what you have to offer as quickly as possible. Slow download speeds will send what should have been a customer to one of your competitors.

Run your web pages through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and check both the desktop and mobile speed scores. Address any issues and make sure that your pages all render fully in less than two seconds.

2. Maintain a Clean and Simple Design

Developing a clean and simple website design improves user experiences. When a visitor to your flooring company website has a good experience, he or she is more likely to either move forward in the buying process or come back at a later date to continue the buying process.

Make sure you have a search option prominently placed at the top of each page. Hiring a professional website designer that understands how to create business websites can improve your website’s conversion rate.

3. Be User-Friendly on Both Mobile and Desktop Devices

Consumers that use mobile devices to purchase products and services account for around 60 percent of the market. This means you have to design your flooring company website for both desktop and mobile devices.

Keeping your website responsive for every type of device ensures you won’t lose a potential conversion because of a poor experience or difficulty navigating your site.

4. Add High-Quality Images and Videos

You can put into words the quality of your flooring jobs, however, turning visitors into converted customers means you have to show them what you are capable of doing.

High-quality images of completed flooring projects represent the most effective way to turn flooring leads into customers of your business.

Videos uploaded to YouTube can help your website visitors learn how to care for a new floor, and this type of educational content can also be repurposed and used in your social media marketing. How-to videos can build trust and educate your potential customers, pushing them to make a buying decision.

5. Include Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) encourages website visitors to take a certain course of action. Experiment with your CTAs by using different phrases to motivate website visitors to take action. Not every CTA needs to be a button that screams “Buy Now.”

You want to mix up your CTAs, such as “learn how to care for a hardwood floor” and “Find out why a professional flooring contractor can help increase the value of your home.”

You need to include CTAs throughout your website that motivates your visitors to schedule a free quote request and flooring consultation.

Final Thoughts

Because a flooring project requires a substantial investment by a homeowner, the buying process tends to take longer than for some other professional services. You need to slowly build the level of trust to turn a flooring lead into a converted customer.

If you have any questions about the CRO tips outlined above or would like to learn more about the marketing services we offer for flooring companies, please feel free to contact us to set up a convenient time to discuss the options available to you or to receive answers to your questions. Our team of flooring contractor marketing experts is here to help your business grow through a wide range of marketing and advertising strategies.

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